Road Safety Visit!

Today, we had a crocodile named Colin on the loose in Parkend Primary School. Luckily, he was a very friendly croc, although quite naughty at times – but he seemed more interested in stealing veggie sausages and showing off his dance moves than eating any children. By lunchtime, Colin was getting so big-headed that he was even seen signing autographs in the playground!

Colin joined special police officers from Road Safety Gloucestershire, who helped each class to go over the Green Cross Code and practice crossing a pretend road with working traffic lights in the school hall (along with Colin of course). We even recorded some videos to remind ourselves of what we learned about road safety…

Colin was shy to come out, but once he got over his stage fright he was unstoppable. The police officers told us that he had swum all the way down the river from Gloucester! Here are some photos of Colin with his new friends…

Class 3 even got to go into the playground to learn about car stopping distances and to use a real traffic camera to record the speeds of passing vehicles! The police have promised to return so that other classes can use the speed camera and next time the police may even stop and give tickets to any motorists caught speeding past the school!

Class reports on this visit and more photos can be found in the Classes section of the main menu…

Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

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