PARKEND IS A small but feature-packed, close-knit but welcoming school of happy and confident children, dedicated and caring staff, enthusiastic and engaged parents. We are well integrated into the wider community and extremely active academically, socially and on the sports field. We are very proud of how our pupils support one another and celebrate each other’s achievements and we strive to provide a framework within which all children are challenged to progress, achieve and attain to their full ability.


At Parkend Primary School we aim…

…to encourage high expectations of our pupils’ potential and to assist them in achieving the highest standard of which they are capable in every aspect of school life

…to provide pupils with the requisite skills needed to become literate, numerate individuals who are able to express themselves creatively and with great imagination

…to develop in each pupil habits of good work, self-motivation and self-discipline

…to encourage each child to appreciate the importance of personal relationships combined with care and consideration for others

…to become and remain an integral part of the local community


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