Natural Setting

OUR CHARMING LITTLE stonebuilt school is set in beautiful, peaceful grounds, nestled in the fringes of the forest. The main building is sided by a large playground and smaller covered play area, and spills back into an enormous field encompassing: an exciting adventure playground shaded by oak, beech and cherry trees; an enclosed vegetable and flower garden with greenhouse; a roofed gazebo for outdoor lessons; plus ample sports pitches that comfortably host busy multi-school tournaments.


THE BACK FIELD is securely fenced, with a locked gate that grants supervised Forest School classes direct access to woodland walks. The nearby log circle provides a very popular second outdoor classroom. Thanks to Parkend School’s perfect natural setting, linking the woodland resources on our doorstep to the national curriculum is safe, simple and seamless.



FOR A SMALL school we are extremely fortunate to offer a large car park for parents to safely drop off and pick up their children without the need to cross any road. Thanks to our generous neighbours we enjoy similarly safe access to Parkend Church, which the children are able to walk to for regular school community celebrations such as Easter, Harvest and Christmas.


ALSO ON SITE is the excellent Parkend Nursery which many of our pupils attend before beginning Reception class at Parkend School. The nursery also offers morning and afternoon After School Clubs for Parkend School that are extremely popular with our parents and children. Holiday Clubs are usually available too!


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