Admissions and Important Information

THE SCHOOL HOLDS numerous Policies. The Statutory Policies can be viewed or downloaded below. For any other policies please contact the School Office.

The Standard Admissions Number for each year group has been set at ten. Gloucestershire County Council is the Admissions authority for Parkend Primary School and the School follows Gloucestershire County Council Admissions Policy – please see separate link below. As far as possible, they will agree to parental preferences but where there are more applicants than places, the priority will be given as follows:

Children in public care

Children who will have siblings at the school when the younger child is admitted

Medical reasons for attending the school

Children with the strongest geographical claim

Requests for places at the school are judged on the number of children already admitted, taking due regard not only for each year group but the affect on class sizes too.

Request for In Year Admissions should be made in the first instance to the School. Please see the link below for the application form.

In Year Application Form

Gloucestershire County Council Admissions Policy

Charging Policy

Behaviour Policy

SEN Information Report/School Offer

SEND Local Offer information for parents 2017

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2017

Special Educational Needs policy 2018

SRE policy 2018

Anti-bullying policy 2018

Confidentiality policy 2018

Accessibility Plan 2015-2018


Ofsted Parent View


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